2018 Endorsements

Public School Educators in Guilford County Endorse Pro-Public Education Candidates for State and Local Races

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Guilford County Association of Educators, an affiliate of the North Carolina Association of Educators, has endorsed seven pro-public education candidates for North Carolina House and Senate legislative seats.

They are:

Michael Garrett, N.C. Senate, District 27

Gladys Robinson, N.C. Senate, District 28 (incumbent)

Ashton Clemmons, N.C. House, District 57

Amos Quick, N.C. House, District 58 (incumbent)

Steven Buccini, N.C. House, District 59

Pricey Harrison, N.C. House, District 61 (incumbent)

Martha Shafer, N.C. House, District 62

In local Guilford County races for the Board of Education and the Board of County Commissioners, the GCAE has endorsed the following candidates:

Winston McGregor, Board of Education, At-Large, Candidate Questionnaire

Greg Drumwright, Board of Education, District 2, Candidate Questionnaire

Desiree Best, Board of Education, District 4, Candidate Questionnaire

Khem Irby, Board of Education, District 6, Candidate Questionnaire

Tracy Lamothe, Board of County Commissioners, District 3, Candidate Questionnaire/Pg 2

“These candidates have proven that our students, our educators, and our schools are a top priority,” said NCAE President Mark Jewell. “They know that in order for North Carolina to continue to prosper, we must have a strong public education system. That means more funding and resources, and salaries that will help recruit and retain those who love this profession.”

NCAE’s focus is to support candidates who can help fully restore education funding to North Carolina’s public schools and move the state forward. The Association’s 2018 Legislative Agenda puts priorities on retaining and recruiting quality educators, increasing per-pupil expenditures (39th in the nation), and funding for textbooks, restoring teacher assistant positions, eliminating additional funding for private school vouchers, and providing professional compensation for all educators (37th in the nation).

In addition to these candidate endorsements, the state NCAE and county affiliate GCAE both are urging voters to vote against all six proposed constitutional amendments on this year’s ballot.

NCAE is the state’s largest education advocacy organization for public school employees, and represents active, retired, and student members.