Todd Warren, GCAE President

Todd Warren is 13-year teaching veteran deeply rooted in community organizing here in Greensboro, NC. Over the years Todd has worked side by side with grassroots organizers addressing issues from racism and education, home foreclosure, police oversight, and economic inequality.

Todd Warren, GCAE President
Todd Warren, GCAE President

Todd is a recognized and respected leader advocating for public education through three years as Elementary Director for the Guilford County Association of Educators (GCAE) before being elected President. He has worked consistently to build GCAE, growing relationships with members and community partners to win real gains for public education.

Todd is inspired by what happens when school workers, families, and community members stand up for public schools. Two years of organizing work across all these groups came to a head here in Guilford County last spring when the Board of Education attempted to cut Title I funds for approximately 50 schools. The contacts Todd developed and trained through the Parent Teacher Organizing Project were quickly mobilized and kept funding in place for dozens of schools. This past year the project partnered with You Can Vote, a voter registration advocacy group, and set up voter registration events at 20 schools across the county. This project was staffed by volunteers from GCAE, PTAs, and local colleges and universities.

Together with his partner, Valerie Warren, Todd has dedicated his life to asking hard questions and working with others to find community-based solutions. He looks forward building a GCAE that can fight and win for educators and the larger community.