WE WON! Raises and bonuses THIS YEAR.

We did this. #OrganizingWorks

-An additional $8 million for teacher pay that will be added to the monthly supplement
-$1.9 million in raises for cafeteria workers to get to a $15 minimum wage
-Other employees not given a raise to the $15 minimum will receive the equivalent of $15 an hour in bonuses from federal COVID relief funds for the next two years

This absolutely would not have been possible without building our ranks, growing participation in GCAE, winning elections, working with our Guilford County County Commissioners and Board of Education, collaborating with allies like Guilford for All, and showing up when it counts to take action together.

Want more? Join GCAE/NCAE if you are not already a member. bit.ly/NCAEJoinNow

One thought on “WE WON! Raises and bonuses THIS YEAR.

  1. I am a custodian for GCS . Why did we meet with the superintendent about being left out of everything, like our jobs are not important. Every time the bonuses come out we are all overlooked. Do anybody care about us.


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