Quick Facts: Understanding Class Size Chaos

Thanks to our friends a Public Schools First NC for putting together this handy fact sheet about the Class Size Chaos issue!

From their website: “NCGA members will return to Raleigh on January 10, 2018 for a special session. When they return, we are asking legislators to solve #ClassSizeChaos! It is not fair for parents, teachers and school leaders to continue to worry about keeping their enhancement teachers as they try to meet mandated classroom space and staffing needs. Local district leaders cannot meet the fiscal or space requirements and have started to resort to worst case scenarios, including strategies like capping schools, laying-off teachers, doubling up classes, enhancement classes in hallways. This is on top of significantly increasing class sizes in grades 4 and 5, and potentially eliminating course offerings in middle school. All of this is just to find extra classroom space and money needed to keep their enhancement teachers. Obviously, this is not just a K-3 issue; it is a PreK-12 issue. This is not an urban district issue—it is a statewide issue, affecting small and rural districts as well.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 12.51.11 PM

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