All NC Schools Closed Until March 30 for Students due to COVID-19

In a press conference this afternoon, NC Governor Roy Cooper issued an executive order to close all NC Public Schools due to Coronavirus COVID-19 for at least the next two weeks.  Monday, March 16 is a mandatory teacher workday for Guilford County Schools employees. GCS will work to update employees regarding distance learning and other services that will help meet student needs. As that information is available, we will share out through email and social media.

Online Meeting, Sunday, March 15, 7 pm

In This Together: Public Schools and the COVID-19 Crisis

The NCAE Organize 2020 Racial & Social Justice Caucus invites all public school employees and supporters to join us online on Sunday, March 15 at 7 pm to reflect on and discuss the impact of the COVID-19 virus on public education and our communities. We are seeking input and will facilitate sharing of thoughts, concerns, resources, and insights with the goal of informing collective action.

Statement from NCAE Organize 2020 Racial & Social Justice Caucus Co-Chairs Tamika Walker Kelly and Bryan Proffitt :

Public school workers and our supporters have been engaged in an ongoing fight for resources to protect the health and safety of our schools and communities. We are now facing a global pandemic – without a budget that could have addressed the some of the most critical needs we are facing.

We are working hard to understand the implications of the unfolding COVID-19 emergency and will continue to process and develop a full response and recommendations for next steps.

However, we know already that our ability to respond to this situation in a way that minimizes suffering is significantly impaired by the actions taken by the NCGA to prioritize the needs of corporations over our kids and community.

Low wages and lack of paid time off for support staff leave them with little protection in the event of work closures. More than 500,000 North Carolinians – including thousands of public school employees and families – are without healthcare due to the North Carolina General Assembly’s refusal to expand medicaid. There are many more impacts that we will only begin to understand in the days to come.

While governments continue to give billions and trillions away to bail out the wealthiest, we must stand together to ensure all receive adequate care and protection in this crisis. We affirm the demands that we marched for on May 1, 2019 and the #KidsNotCorporationsNC petition we introduced last fall.

We now call for the NCGA to stop diverting resources to the wealthiest in the form of tax cuts and corporate entitlements, and immediately make funds from the two billion dollar state budget surplus available to ensure:

–All NC residents have access to necessary diagnostic and medical care regardless of their ability to pay

–All NC medical facilities have access to necessary medications and diagnostic materials and equipment and are empowered to provide the diagnoses, care, and treatment necessary to avert a public health disaster

–All state employees are held harmless and receive all wages and benefits even in the case of forced closures of state and public facilities and programs

–Hourly and low wage workers and others experiencing financial hardship receive emergency relief due to the economic impact of the unfolding crisis

–Resources are available for all communities to undertake precautions to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus without fear of individual economic hardship

–Resources are prioritized to ensure the immediate safety and wellbeing of public school employees, students and families while working towards the goal of continued in-person instruction once the crisis is resolved

–Continued allocation of resources as needed to ensure equitable care and treatment for all communities in order to mitigate the impact of this crisis as the situation and our understanding continues to evolve

If you support this statement and would like to stay involved in ongoing action around this issue, please see comments below for additional ways to engage.

#InThisTogether #ItsPersonal #SchoolsOurStudentsDeserve #Red4Ed #RedForEd #KidsNotCorporationsNC

Register here.

GCAE Endorses Tamika Walker Kelly and Bryan Proffitt for Top Leadership Positions

At February’s GCAE Mass Meeting, dues paying members in attendance voted overwhelmingly to endorse Tamika Walker Kelly of Cumberland County for NCAE State President and Bryan Proffitt of Durham County for NCAE State Vice President. Candidates for these offices were given the opportunity to speak or make a presentation before membership at the November 2019 meeting as well as filling out candidate questionnaires that were emailed to members and are posted here.

The Guilford County of Educators would like thank all of our members who participated in this important decision as well as thank all of the candidates for their courage to run.

If you would like to learn more about Tamika and Bryan’s campaign, check out their website here. To sign up for their mailing list, click here.

Meetings Cancelled Until Further Notice

Cancelled- Mar 19- GCAE Monthly Meeting

Cancelled-Mar 21, School Nutrition Workers Meeting

Cancelled- Apr 3 & 4, NCAE Convention

I know this is a trying time. We are made of strong stuff.

In this together,

Todd Warren

President, Guilford County Association of Educators

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