Urgent: Action Needed on School Bond Vote

County Commissioners to Vote on Bond Amount May 21

We all know how badly our school buildings need repairs and upgrades.

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners need to respond to the Board of Education request for a $1.6 billion bond to be placed on the ballot in November. This will allow us to begin the first stage of repairs. Public school families, employees and community members deserve to be part of the discussion for the full request.

We are calling on the Guilford County Board of Commissioners to:

–File with the Local Government Council to begin discussion on a bond amount of up to $1.6 billion, as requested by the Guilford County Board of Education; and

–Allow public school families, employees, and supporters to speak on the full $1.6 billion request in the required public hearing

Please sign this petition encourage the Guilford County Commissioners to take the necessary steps to put a $1.6 billion school repair and construction bond on the ballot.


Read more about the bond issue and how GCAE leaders took action with the Communities United for Public Schools coalition here in an article published in Triad City Beat.

Action Steps:
1. Sign this petition supporting a $1.6 billion bond referendum.
2. Register for this weekly meeting happening every Wednesday at 7 pm between May 6 and June 24 discussing what role we should play in the eventual reopening of public schools.

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