GCAE Endorses #BlackLivesMatter Statement & Events

GCAE Endorses Statement on #BlackLivesMatter

A recent NY Times headline said it all: Two Crises Convulse a Nation: A Pandemic and Police Violence.

Like so many across the country, the Guilford County Association of Educators is compelled to act. In our collective commitment to justice and solidarity, our local Executive Board recently endorsed the following statement and events. As with everything in the time of COVID-19, we encourage you to be safe, wear masks, and practice physical distancing. From our joint statement:

“… Our schools and communities were in crisis before George Floyd was murdered and before COVID-19. They are most certainly in crisis today, and the disproportionate impact is, once again, falling on Black people in our communities. The weight of this racism and economic inequality has become so familiar that many of us who work in public schools can forget the multiplicity of ways we have named the problem year after year. The list feels endless:

  • racial disparity in discipline practices
  • deteriorating buildings and infrastructure
  • huge class sizes with insufficient, and often racist, materials
  • lack of nurses, counselors, and school social workers
  • continued over testing despite demonstrated racial bias
  • evaluation of students, educators, and administrators based on standardized testing despite demonstrated racial bias
  • the school to prison pipeline
  • the failure to invest in educators of color to improve their underrepresentation as classroom teachers
  • the overrepresentation of educators of color in hourly positions that don’t even pay a $15/hour minimum wage
  • the failure to provide across the board healthcare for all NC public school employees”


GCAE Endorses #BlackOutNC Event

From the event invite: We are tired of sitting by as Black people are being senselessly murdered for simply existing. Let’s use our voices to make change.We will be peacefully protesting downtown Greensboro at LeBauer Park. If you want to share spoken word/poetry or perform music please let us know and let’s make it happen. Let’s share our art and be louder than the racists that make up this nation.

WHEN: Sunday, June 7th @2pm

WHERE: LeBauer Park

WHO: Anyone and everyone who believes in this cause.

More about Greensboro Rising’s Demands here.


GCAE Endorses Mourning Drive Vehicle Caravan


Links listed above:

1. Sign joint statement supporting #BlackLivesMatter.

2. RSVP to #Blackoutnc Event: Sun, Jun 7 @ 2PM.

3. RSVP to Mourning Drive Caravan: Tue, Jun 9 @ 5:30 PM.

In Love and Solidarity-

Guilford County Association of Educators

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